Contributed Talks: Engineering (Corbett, Doña Ana Room)

Date(s) - Thursday
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Session Chair:  Thomas Manz

Time ID Presenter Title
2:00 ENG200 Hongmei Luo Epitaxial Oxide Thin Films and Nanoparticle Network for Lithium Ion Batteries
2:12 ENG212 Jesus Sambrano Jr Towards a time-resolved acoustofluidic flow cytometer for future evaluations of integrin conformational changes across heterogeneous populations of T-cells
2:24 ENG224 Kwabena Addae Sarpong Case study: Hybrid Poplar Growth and Utilization, and Woody Residue Waste Management
2:36 ENG236 Juan Miguel Diaz-Mendoza Wood plastic composites: Mesh size effect on tensile mechanical response.
2:48 ENG248 Atanu Barai Predicting the Performance of Caches in Multicore Processors from a Single Threaded Execution Trace
3:00 ENG300 Ehtesham Shareef Experimental Results to Reduce Sidelobes in Random Noise and Linear Frequency Modulated Signals
3:12 ENG312 Ehtesham Shareef A non-iterative time-domain sidelobe suppression in doppler shifted LFM waveforms