Contributed Talks: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Corbett Ballroom Center)

Date(s) - Friday
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Session Chairs:  Laura Boucheron Spence (before coffee) and TBN (after coffee)

Time ID Presenter TItle
2:00 MAE200 Isaac Kassim Predictive Guidance and Control for Astrobee Robots Operating in the International Space Station
2:12 MAE212 Seyedeh Sepideh Ghaffari Thermal effects on linear and nonlinear vibration responses of bridged carbon nanotube-based mass sensors
2:24 MAE224 Sandra Zimmerman Nonlinear modeling and performance of bio-inspired gannet systems when entering water
2:36 MAE236 Devyn Rice Modeling and investigations on surface colors of wings on the performance of fixed wing space drones and thermoelectric generation capabilities
2:48 MAE248 Adam Bouma Nonlinear dynamics analysis of a three-degree of freedom aeroelastic system
3:00 MAE300 Ryan Salazar Nonlinear analysis of a piezoelectric energy harvester in body undulatory caudal fin aquatic unmanned vehicles
3:12 MAE312 Samantha Ceballes Considerations of the dynamics, vibrations, and mechanics of carbon nanotubes in medical applications
3:24 MAE324 widad yossri Multi-fidelity Modeling and Optimization of a Small Scale Wind Turbine for Low-Power Applications
3:36 Coffee Break
3:48 Coffee Break
4:00 MAE400 Kevin Larkin Analysis of cracked MEMS and NEMS gyroscopes with small-scale effects
4:12 MAE412 Jordan Glaze Comparative design and hydrodynamic analyses of bio-inspired fish-like robots
4:24 MAE424 Stephanie Lloyd Design and Hydrodynamic Analysis of Myliobatiformes-Inspired Aquatic Drones
4:36 MAE436 Gregory Taylor Filtering of microphonic noise from signals using L1-norm regularization and compressive sampling
4:48 MAE448 Isaac Pena Aerodynamic Analysis and Design of a Gannet-Inspired Aerial-Aquatic Drone
5:00 MAE500 Glen Throneberry Multi-rotor wake propagation investigation: qualitative and quantitative measurements