Contributed Talks: Social Science I (Corbett Ballroom Middle)

Date(s) - Thursday
2:00 pm - 3:36 pm


Session Chair:  Joe Tomaka

Time ID Name of Presenter Title of your Presentation
2:00 SOC200 Lisa Valleroy-Djang Results are mixed: biracial/multiracial/mixed-race identities and pop culture
2:12 SOC212 Fallon Murphy Afrofuturism and Its Implications on African-American Student Participation in STEM
2:24 SOC224 Cory J. Cascalheira, BA Hierarchy of Desire: Partner Preferences and Social Identities of Men Who Have Sex with Men on Geosocial Networks
2:36 SOC236 Bryce Jorgensen How to Get a $500 Raise Without Asking Your Boss
2:48 SOC248 Hamid Mansouri Rad Rhetoric of National Intelligence Writing: A Qualitative Exploration of the Role of Persuasion
3:00 SOC300 Stevie Arroyo The Fallacies of Hasbro’s Monopoly