Contributed Talks: Mathematics (Corbett Ballroom East)

Date(s) - Friday
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Session Chair:  John Harding

Time Presenter Title
4:00 Jianjun Paul Tian Stochastic growth pattern of untreated human glioblastomas predicts the survival time for patients
4:12 Patricia Baggett A Graduate Course in the History of Mathematics Education
4:24 Jonathan Montaño Multiplicities of ideals: counting intersections and measuring singularities
4:36 John Harding Less than or equal to
4:48 Tony Wang Alternative statistical methods to p-values
5:00 Tuan A Phan Mathematical modelling of PDGF-driven glioma reveals the infiltrating dynamics of immune cells into tumors.
5:12 James Lewis The Monoid of Integrally Closed Ideals