Contributed Talks: Physics (Corbett, Rio Grande Room)

Date(s) - Friday
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Session Chairs:  Stephen Pate (before coffee), Mazen Al-Na’irat (after coffee)

Time ID Presenter Title
2:00 PHY200 Fatma Aslan The singularities in twist-3 quark distributions and the structure of the QCD vacuum
2:12 PHY212 Nuwanjula Samarasingha Thickness-dependent Optical Properties of ZnO Films from the Mid-infrared to the Vacuum-ultraviolet
2:24 PHY224 Rigo A. Carrasco The Direct Band Gap of alpha-Sn Investigated by Infrared Ellipsometry
2:36 PHY236 Sharad Mahatara Beta-PbO2, Quantum Computing Material or Trivial Semiconductor?
2:48 PHY248 Nirajan Paudel Ab Initio studies of Zincate Contamination of Beta-MnO2 in Deep-Cycled Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries
3:00 PHY300 Galen Helms Volumetric Measurements Of Magnetic Fields With A 3D Printer
3:12 PHY312 Mohammad Abdullah-Al-Mamun Chromatic Refraction in the Lower Atmosphere associated with Refractive Index Gradient Features
3:24 PHY324 Md Minuddin Crystal Structure of Ni2+3[Fe3+(CN)6]2.nH2O Prussian Blue Analogue
3:36 Coffee Break
3:48 Coffee Break
4:00 PHY400 Farzin Abadizaman Optical Hall effect in the multi-valley semiconductor Te-doped GaSb
4:12 PHY412 Carola Emminger Temperature dependence and excitonic effects of the direct band edges of Ge and InSb
4:24 PHY424 Weeam Albaltan The transverse nucleon single-spin asymmetry for the semi-inclusive production of photons in lepton-nucleon scattering
4:36 PHY436 Jorge A. Garcia Prediction of Seismic Wave Arrivals Using a Convolutional Neural Network
4:48 PHY448 Wade Kloppenburg Computational Alloy Design for Lighter Vehicles and Biomedical Applications
5:00 PHY500 Emily Medeles Thermochemical properties for the Mantle Transition Zone beneath the US
5:12 PHY512 Krishna Acharya First Principle Study of Magnetoelectric Coupling in Multiferroic Interfaces at LSMO/PZT
5:24 PHY524 Rashni Anandawansha A new regional seismic velocity model of the inner core beneath the Pacific Ocean