Media Installations (Corbett, Col. Fountain Room)

Date(s) - Thursday
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Media Installations, Col. Fountain Room, Corbett Center Thursday-Friday, November 14th – 15th

M1:  College of Health Social Services (MPH, MSW, and DNP)

Dr. Linda Summers; Dr. Cindy Kratzke; Dr. Conni DeBlieck, Dr. Elizabeth Kuchler; Dr. Randee Greenwald, Dr. Susan Wilson

Title: Bringing Interprofessional Education into the Online Learners Using FlipGrid on Canvas

M2:  IEMSE – College of Education

Sara Morales

Title: Math Snacks Early Algebra: Experiencing computer-based games for mathematics learning

M3:  Animal & Range Science

Rachel Hosna

Title: Seeds and Seedlings of the Chihuahuan Desert!

M4:  Animal & Range Science

Tyler Turk

Title: Seed Dispersal Vectors

M5:  Animal & Range Science

Ellie McCann and Savannah Meadors

Title: Cryptobiota: Celebrating the Beauty and Diversity of Biological Soil Crust Communities

M6:  Plant and Environmental Sciences

Julius Anchang

Title: Supporting Local Livelihoods in West Africa through Cloud-based Geospatial Analysis