The Poster Session (Corbett Ballroom West)

Date(s) - Friday
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Those of you presenting posters will be able to mount them starting on Thursday morning, November 14, 2019.

A poster can be no larger than 4 feet wide by 4 feet high.  We will provide some pushpins for each poster.

Please see your poster number and floor map below.

The “official” poster session (when you must stand by your poster) is Friday, November 15, 2019, from noon to 2pm.


Poster # Name of Presenter Department or Program Title of your Presentation
1 Raul Alvarez Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Conceptual Design for a Carangiform Fish-Like Robot
2 Leonardo Escamilla III Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design and Manufacturing of an Albatross-Inspired Tilt-Wing Drone
3 Ryan Quintana Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Vibrations of axially loaded carbon nanotubes embedded in a viscoelastic foundation
4 Concepcion Sanchez Chemical and Materials Engineering Determining how metabolism is altered during tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells
5 Isabel Fernandez Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Design and Prototype of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle with High Endurance
6 Gabrielle Graves Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamic and Structural Analysis of Morphing Drone Morphing Drone
7 Virginia Fuentes Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design and Fabrication of a Bioinspired Robotic Jellyfish Using Cable-Driven Actuation
8 Ethan Billingsley Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Design and Fabrication of a Gannet-Inspired Aerial-Aquatic Drone
9 Tony DeRocchis Electrical and Computer Engineering Extending Academic Analytics to Engineering Education
10 Arezoo Samiei Electrical and Computer Engineering Recursive and Cluster-Based Hungarian Approaches to Task Allocation
11 Jeremy Grajeda Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering A Study of the Effect of Flare Size on Performance of Automated Flare Forecasting Methods
12 Zena Stevenson Electrical Engineering Predicting Solar Magnetic Structure With Convolutional Neural Networks
13 Luis Varela Electrical Engineering Streak detection in wide field of view images using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
14 Mark Roberts Electrical Engineering Spatial Analysis of Solar Energetic Particle Events
15 Alejandro Najera-Acosta Industrial Engineering Statistical Analysis of Aircraft Riveting’s Variation Effect in a Local Industrial Company
16 Anthony Quintana Mechanical Engineering Nonlinear stiffness of whirl flutter with piecewise quisisteady consideration
17 Tathagata Debnath Computer Science Performance of Association Methods under Diverse Marginal Distributions
18 Sajal Kumar Computer Science Statistical Inference of Discrete Combinatorial Functional Dependency in Biological Systems
19 Lovemore Tenha Computer Science Statistical evidence for the presence of trajectory in single-cell omics data
20 Jiandong Wang Computer Science Identification of nematode species in soil using long-read DNA sequencing
21 Yiyi Li Computer Science Differential gene expression analysis between male and female flowers during pecan inflorescence
22 Hua Zhong Computer Science Expression patterns in genomic zones suggest transcription regulation beyond single genes
23 Mohammed Ababneh Computer Science Department Automated Cyberbullying Detection in Online Social Networks
24 Ruby Sharma Phd in Computer Science Molecular network rewiring across mammalian tissue and cell types revealed by a second-order chi-squared test
25 Grace Igwe Psychology Improving human-robot interaction efficiency during robot mode-swaps
26 Arianna Thoksakis Psychology EEG Physical Function Tests Show a Difference in Brain Activity and Physical Function Score Between Young and Old Participants
27 Sean Christeson Psychology Effects of Group-Based Emotions on Willingness to Interact with Robots Between Cultures
28 Bailey Brown, Ariel Chen, Bryan Castro Psychology Uniform Threat: Entitative Robot Groups and Human Threat Perception
29 Cheyenne Cano Psychology Incentives to increase performance of Sona participants
30 Cheyenne Valdespino Psychology Department Differences In Participant Conformity When Primed To Think Of Robots
31 Adriena N Hernandez Department of Public Health Sciences A case study of co-occurring burdens experienced by a Hispanic mother diagnosed with cancer and its implications for a cancer education program in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region
32 Tiana Roebuck Communication Studies Leader-Member Exchange Theory and Athletic Coachability
34 Juan Carlos Padilla Master of Public Health, Department of Public Health Sciences Physical Activity Guideline Adherence among Children in Rural, Southern New Mexico
35 Damien Speaker Masters of Public Health Decoding the Birth Certificate: US-Mexico Border Hospitals
36 Susie Valenzuela Applied Statistics  Disparities in breast cancer screening along the U.S.-Mexico border
37 Nicole Mandall Public Health Examining Rates of Intimate Partner Violence in Dona Ana County, NM.
38 Tara Morris School Psychology Evaluating the Perceptions Regrarding Homework Practices and Teacher Stress
39 Jill McDonald Public Health Sciences Cancer mortality is higher among border Hispanic than non-Hispanic white residents under age 35
40 Helena Loest Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research: a collaboration between NMSU and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
41 Danielle Niemann/Humairat H Rahman Public Health Sciences, Burrel College of Osteopathic Medicine Trends in the 2019 United States Measles Epidemic
42 Christopher Sroka Economics, Applied Statistics, & International Business Dietary patterns among children in New Mexico’s border colonias
43 Shadai Martin Human Nutrition Science The Nutrition Environment, Eating Behaviors and Body Image Among College Students
44 Shadai Martin Family & Consumer Sciences Differences in Overweight/Obesity Among Youth by Rural-Urban Continuum Codes
45 Stephanie R Lynch,  Conni DeBlieck, Linda Summers, Shelly Noe, Elizabeth Kuchler, Jackie Williams Nursing Assessing Self-identified Fatigue, Stress, Agitation, and/or Mld Anxiety Symptom Improvement Utilizing the SleepWing or EnergyPod Units among Nursing Students with Test Anxiety
46 Graciela A. Unguez Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Community-academic partners working in a small grants program
47 Cynthia Kratzke, PhD, CHES Department of Public Health Sciences Attitudes Toward Red Flag Gun Laws: A Content Analysis
48 Patti Wojahn Interdisciplinary Studies Metacognition: Helping Students Plan, Monitor, and Evaluate Study Strategies
49 Hector A. Moreno Physics Evaluation of fatigue life of metal parts via electrical conductivity monitoring
50 Osamah Alkasassbeh Physics Generalized Lorentz Invariance Relations for Generalized Parton Distributions and the Dynamical Origin of Parton Orbital Angular Momentum
51 Thomas Hearn Physics Imaging the uppermost mantle beneath Tibet
52 Jianjun Paul Tian Department of Mathematical Sciences Mathematical modeling of PDGF-driven glioma reveals the infiltrating dynamics of immune cells into tumors
53 Mazen S Nairat DACC/Math Department Fractional Cylindrical Waves and its Applications
54 Nancy Chanover Astronomy  Solid State Electro-Optic Devices for Planetary Exploration with Small Satellites
55 Sean Sellers Astronomy PhD Research Telescopes at NMSU
56 Ellery Wuest ECE Prediction of Solar Flares from Time-Varying Feature Sequences Using RNNs
57 Sara Gurule Animal & Range Sciences Accelerometer use to identify and predict parturition behavior in Debouillet ewes in pen setting
58 Melissa Aguirre Animal and Range Science Predicting activity budget in sheep using tri-axial acceleration signals
59 Jordyn Dobson Animal Range and Sciences Disruption of CXCL12/CXCR4 signaling at the ovine fetal-maternal interface during placental development results in reduced NFkB activation in placenta later in gestation.
60 Benjamin Boren Animal Science Inhibition of chemokine receptor four (CXCR4) during placental development in sheep alters mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling
61 Marlie Maestas Animal science ‚ÄãCXCL12/CXCR4 signaling regulates autophagy in ovine placenta.
63 Shelby Rosasco Animal and Range Sciences Effects of growth-promoting implants administered during the suckling phase or at weaning on growth and reproduction in replacement beef heifers grazing native range
64 Shelemia Nyamuryekung’e Animal and Range Sciences Mother-offspring interactions in two breeds of rangeland beef cattle
65 Victor Flores Animal and Range Sciences Identification of serum proteins that interact with extracellular histones in healthy and bovine respiratory disease infected cattle
66 Alexis Selman Animal and Range Sciences Effects of maternal bypass protein supplementation during early gestation on subsequent progeny performance in beef cattle
67 Emily Melchior Animal Science Evaluation of serum neutralization titers and calf weaning weights when cows grazing native rangeland are vaccinated for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis using either a modified live or killed vaccine
68 Jacqueline Ervin Animal Science Inhibition of CXCR4 at the fetal-maternal interface during placentation results in altered production of VEGF receptors in the placenta on day 90 of pregnancy.
70 Kathryn E. Smith Department of Animal and Range Sciences Influence of in Utero Inhibition of Chemokine Receptor Four Signaling on Ruminal Fluid Microbiome in Lambs at 90 Days Gestation
71 Kathryn E. Smith Department of Animal and Range Sciences Association of Liver Abscess Bacterial Population in Feedlot Cattle to Soil Organic Material Bacterial Population from Isolated Feedlot Pens
72 Elisa Trigo Department of Animal and Range Sciences Elucidating the influence of the CXCL12-CXCR4 signaling axis on vascularization and angiogenesis for successful placentome development in sheep
73 Taylor Marie Hansen PES Remote sensing of Kangaroo Rat mound demographics and mound impacts on landscape processes in the northern Chihuahuan desert
74 Yvonne Lucero Plant and Environmental Sciences Southern New Mexico Dietary Practices and Carotenoid Content in Traditional Mexican Meals
75 Robert Wojcikiewicz Plant and Environmental Science  Quantifying Connectivity Thresholds for Shrub Encroachment With UAV Data
76 Mikaela Hoellrich Plant and Environmental Sciences Masters Linking Biogeochemical Function and Microbial Diversity in Chihauhuan Desert Biocrusts
77 Akram Ben Ali Plant and Environmental Sciences Phospholipids fatty acids biomarkers as indicators of RO concentrate and brackish groundwater irrigation effects on soil microbial composition
78 Esmaiil Mokari Plant & Environmental Sci Performance Assessment of Electromagnetic Sensors in a Clay Soil
79 Wenjie Ji Plant and Environmental Sciences The effects of topo-edaphic factors on 47 years of shrub encroachment in northern Chihuahuan Desert
80 Qiuyan Yu Plant and Environmental Sciences Alternative states and feedback mechanisms in tropical savannas diagnosed via length-scales of canopy aggregation
81 Jose L. Ortega Carranza Plant and Environmental Sciences Characterization of promoters that drive the expression of divergent gene pairs in the context of their role in the Capsicum annuum defense responses against Phytophthora capsici.
82 Lara Prihodko Department of Animal and Range Sciences Shrub and tree canopy cover and above-ground woody biomass patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa
83 Xavier Jimenez Biology-HHMI Investigation of fitness and flight behavior for Aedes aegypti using a flight mill
84 Izak Rubio Department of Biology Immunofluorescence Study of Adult and Regenerating Muscle and Electric Organ Tissues in Eigenmania virescens
85 yashoda kandel Biology Widespread insecticide resistance in Aedes aegypti L. from New Mexico, U.S.A.
86 SOUMI MITRA PhD BIOLOGY Effect of 25 B list ingredients on attraction rates of female Aedes aegypti
87 Ashmita Pandey Department of Biology Certain siderophores reduces survival, blood-feeding propensity, and overall fecundity along with its anti-Plasmodium activity in Anopheles gambiae.
88 Immo Hansen Biology Widespread Insecticide Resistance in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes from New Mexico
89 Rashmi R. Joshi Molecular Biology BRD4 and NEK4 in triple negative breast cancer.
90 Kimberly Cervantes Molecular Biology Influence of geographical location and host genotype on ‚Äã pecan seedling microbiome composition‚Äã
91 Hormat Shadgou Rhein Molecular Biology Unmasking the mysteries of floral initiation in Carya illinoinensis through RNA-Seq analysis
92 Amanda Erlandson Molecular Biology Echinomycin resistance conferred by a uvrA-like gene in Streptomyces lasaliensis
93 Punhasa Sasiri Senanayake Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Electronic Structure and Chemical Properties of Long-Bonded Isonitrosyl Compounds
94 Suhashini Handunneththige Chemistry and Biochemistry A highly reactive CoIII,IV2(μ-O)2 diamond core complex that cleaves C-H bonds
95 Parampreet Kaur Sodhi MS Program in Bioinformatics Evaluating the effectiveness of FunChisq for genome-wide association studies
96 Janel Sowers Chemistry and Biochemistry Expression of Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3 (IGFBP-3) Regulates Tamoxifen and Fulvestrant Sensitivity in ERa-Positive Breast Cancer Cells
97 Daniel Aguirre Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Movement Differentiation of Dual Specificity Protein Phosphatases via MD Simulations
98 Rawan Elaksher Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry Program: MARC Characterization of two redundant proteins involved in chemotaxis
99 Ronny Sholdt Geosciences Assessing late Quaternary deformation across the southern Rio Grande rift with the use of high-resolution photogrammetry
100 Robert P Sabie New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute Multi-spatial resolution comparison of evapotranspiration
101 Ahmed Kanaan Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Irrigated Turfgrass Reduces Surface Temperatures of Urban Buildings
102 Peter H Cooke Core University Research Resources Laboratory Microscopic Imaging Core Suite
103 Peter Cooke Core University Research Resources Laboratory Core University Research Resources Laboratory Facilities
104 Erin Renee Wahl Reference & Research Services in the Library Sustainable Information Literacy: Research as an Act of Engaging with your Environment
105 Maryam Sharifi Applied Statistics Social Support Index in a New Mexico Healthy Start population